The Fazeli Research Group
I received my PhD from the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 1979, having carried out the research project while employed at the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London. After receiving my PhD I became an academic research associate within the Institute of Zoology, and was promoted to Research Fellow in 1995 then to Reader in 2000. Apart from being a Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield I have been awarded three Honorary Professorships by (1) the Royal Veterinary College, London (2) the University College London and (3) the University of Bedfordshire. I am also an Honorary Research Associate of the Smithsonian Institution’s ‘Center for Species Survival’ in Washington DC. I became Head of the Reproductive Biology group at the Institute of Zoology in 1995 and retained that position until the end of September 2011 when the research group was closed.

My research has focused on the methods for the assessment and preservation of gametes, especially spermatozoa, in a variety of species. Fundamental research into sperm quality has produced novel insights into the phenotypic differentiation of sperm subpopulations in terms of their motility, DNA structure and selection in the female reproductive tract.  For the last decade I have been attempting to understand the biology of natural sperm storage mechanisms in the female reproductive tract on the basis that such understanding might translate into better practical tools for the long-term preservation of spermatozoa. To date we have shown that the mammalian oviduct has a significant capacity to protect and store spermatozoa, and that this is correlated with the stimulation of novel gene transcription and oviductal protein synthesis as soon as the sperm arrive at the storage sites.

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William Holt