The Fazeli Research Group
Originally from Cambridge, I obtained my BSc in Biology from the University of Sheffield in 2013. I then studied at Lancaster University for an MSc in Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology. For my MSc thesis, I applied infrared (IR) spectroscopy to detect biomarkers of pollution exposure and other stresses in sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) leaves, with implications for environmental health monitoring. I also developed a strong interest in epigenetics, particularly in the context of toxicity and other environmental stresses.

I returned to Sheffield in 2014 to study for a PhD under the supervision of Penelope Watt (Animal and Plant Sciences), Alireza Fazeli and Bill Holt (Human Metabolism). The aim of my project is to investigate possible trans-generational effects of environmental stress using the guppy (Poecilia reticulata), a live-bearing fish as a model system. The project will attempt to derive biomarkers of epigenetic alterations by quantifying various morphological, developmental and behavioural phenotypes. I will also seek mechanistic insights into epigenome-level processes using molecular techniques.
Academic Unit of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine
The University of Sheffield
Level 4, The Jessop Wing, Tree Root Walk
Sheffield S10 2SF
United Kingdom

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