The Fazeli Research Group
Training Opportunities

MSc in Reproduction and Developmental Medicine, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
This MSc course provides training in reproductive and developmental medicine for scientists, clinicians or anyone wishing to pursue an interest in this field. Through the taught modules the students will develop a solid understanding of reproductive science with relevance to current clinical applications. A breadth of processes will be covered from gonadal development and production of gametes through to pregnancy and parturition - with each module taught by leading scientists and clinicians in their field. The students will also undertake a research project to develop a depth of knowledge in a specialist topic and become equipped with valuable transferable skills for a range of biological careers.

PhD in Metabolomic Profile of Preimplantation Embryos, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
The aim of this PhD project is to elucidate early embryo responses to bacterial lipopolysaccharide. This exposure is critical to develop strategies that promote a successful establishment of pregnancy in cattle affected by inflammatory disease.