We are interested in the cross-talk between the gametes, the embryos and the maternal tract, and how the innate immune system is involved in this communication.
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Alireza Fazeli
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The picture shows an example of these interactions. The migration of the transcription factor NF-kB from the cytoplasm into the nucleus of the endometrial cells is triggered by the activation of the Toll-like receptor 5 which is one of the main pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system. The photograph visualises this translocation from the cytoplasm into the nucleus by tracking the movement of the fluorescent protein-labelled p65 polypeptide subunit of the transcription factor NF-kB. This labelling is shown as magenta or orange colours on the image. The cell on the left-hand side still contains the transcription factor NF-kB, mostly in the cytoplasm. The cell on the right-hand side clearly shows that the transcription factor NF-kB migrated into the nucleus. The photograph was taken by Ignacio Caballero Posadas a member of our research group.

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